Shipping, Handling and Delivery Times

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The following guidelines apply to any online shipping company.

The shipping and handling times, as well as the delivery time’s, depending on where the product is located, where you are having it sent too,, what your shipping method was and the time of year you made your order.

Peak times:

December and February is the hardest time to get something delivered on time because of Christmas, New years and Chinese new year.

Before and after December and February millions of people are rushing to get their packages sent in before the holidays where it will get stuck creating congestion and after the holiday there’s a backlog.

Chinese new year goes on for 2 weeks and is extremely disruptive, its exact date changes also because its based on a lunar calendar.

I can only submit the package to the shipping company with all the correct details and wait for it to arrive like you. There is nothing I can do to speed this process up

Lithium batteries:

Products with lithium batteries are considered dangerous/hazardous when being transported by air, they require more time to pass through security and customs and they can be stopped for any reason.


The phones must pass Chinese export customs, Hong Kong entry Customs and the destination countries customs.

I can only supply customs with the information they need all decisions are up to them on when and how they process

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