1 year Singapore VPN Subscription Static IP WORKS IN CHINA – Very secure


1 year VPN subscription

Singapore static IP

IP Secure DNS
4096 bit DH Key
4096 bit RSA Key
AES 265 bits Encryption
Obfuscation to evade deep packet inspection
PGP Encryption of Clients Possible.
Payment: PayPal, BTC, Credit card

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A 1-year subscription for a highly encrypted connection to a VPN server, this VPN hides the fact your connecting to a VPN server to network sniffers and even with deep packet inspection, it currently works in China, Dubai, Pakistan and Iran etc.

The speed will be almost as fast as your current connection as our server is hosted in a state of the art facility.

We can encrypt your VPN Client file AES 256 File Encryption with a password if you put the password in quotes under shipment notes or to a PGP key which will be signed by our PGP key.

We reserve the right to remove anyone who is using our service for illegal purposes, usage of our service needs to be “reasonable” as would be expected for one person on one device.
We hold no liability in the unlikely event our service is breached or the result of any loss of connection/service availability.
We do not guarantee as part of our service the ability to access websites/content not available to you currently by way of Geolocation “locks” but we are unaware of any such unavailability
We cannot guarantee as part of our service the ability to access our service in countries and networks that actively seek to block us, this VPN works through deep packet inspection and packet sniffing, we cannot ensure with the development of new technology the ability to remain undetected/accessible, the fact that it works currently in china is a statement of fact and can change at any time.